Sleepy Spinette Spyder

I’m sleepy.

I would say, I’m in that moment where my eyes are crusty and I’m about to close them.

In that moment…

where everything is a pig.

And everything is bacon.

It’s 11:45, no scratch that, 11:46 and the pigs bounce on my magic carpet.

But the magic carpet is bacon, and the pigs are complex verses of trigonometry.

Everything has a separate line.

But that is not true, since everything is bacon.

Does that mean I’m bacon?

When were these rules established?

Oh yeah, right the 5th line.

Am I one to make rules? Are those rules also bacon?

Are the words I’m writing bacon? Are the questions I’m asking just bacon?

I enjoy trigonometry. Bacon triangulates.

Square. Circle.

Red Circle. Blue Square. Almighty triangle.

I think I have an idea for this post.

Red Circle is the most popular circle in her class.

Blue Square is at the end of the social ladder.

Red Circle is red and that is why everyone loves her.

Blue Square is square and that is why everyone hates him.

But Red Circle likes 90 degree angles.


I dropped my bedtime cereal.

My computer is glitching due to milk spillage.

Yet I am able to post this.



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