Inverse Q&A

If this were a Traditional Q&A, I would probably be answering the questions, but as this is not a Traditional Q&A and is instead an Inverse Q&A, I will be asking you, dear nonexistent readers, the questions and as you do not exist, you will not answer.

  1. Do you eat grapes with a fork?
  2. Do you take baths, showers, or other?
  3. Do you consume soup with a fork?
  4. What other activities do you use a fork for?
  5. Do you enjoy the music of Envision Dragons?
  6. What is your favoriteĀ Envision Dragons song?
  7. Do you prefer a pen, pencil, or highlighter? (For everyday writing purposes, not for everyday highlighting purposes.)
  8. Jam or butter with your toast?
  9. If you answered “jam” to the previous question, otherwise known as Question #8, what kind of jam do you prefer with your toast?