Things That I Hate

I have decided that I like lists very much and I may do more of them, depending on my preference and mood.

I am aware that “hate” is a strong word… I have nothing more to say on that particular topic.

So, moving on. I present:

Things I Hate: A List

  • The sound of people eating
    • I shudder just thinking about it. I cannot stand this sound.
  • People in general
  • Tough asparagus
    • You have to chew forever!
  • Difficult-to-spell words
    • I most often struggle with combinations of the letter “C”, “I”, and “E”.
  • Alarm clocks
    • They are a necessary evil
  • People touching me
  • That’s What I Like by Bruno Mercury
    • *Screams*
  • Small and crowded rooms
    • I hate this because it increases the chances of people touching me
  • Train stations
    • Because they are loud and small and crowded
  • General uncleanliness
  • Loud noises
  • Repetitive actions
    • This depends on the action
  • Dust left by dry erase markers
    • Although I do like eraser shavings