Arachnid Weaver is an elusive and secretive recluse who prefers isolation to the company of fellow human beings. The only person she can remotely stand at all is Spinette, whom she considers a dear acquaintance. The location of the place where she resides is confidential and frigid. Her favorite season is autumn because she adores the way death drips from the very air. She prefers spiders.

Spinette Spyder is an author. Perhaps that is all you need to know. She enjoys the way butterflies scream, inhaling Fruit Loops, and practicing her yo-yo skills on the weekends. Most of the time, she like people, but hates talking to them. She stares at others, but never starts a conversation. Some might say she’s a stalker. Simply put, Arachnid Weaver is the only one who can remotely stand her. Spinette has a home in an area called Unicornia, home of the unicorns, and she frequently visits the icy-cold Arctic. Her favorite season is the rainy monsoon season because that’s when you can go outside the most. She has two pet octopuses named Oero and Anihparas