(Not) Brushing Your Hair

When I was little, I absolutely detested (and rarely) brushed my hair. It was so painful. Like stabbing porcupines into your skull. (I had the fine-toothed combs.) I was (and am) one to favor comfort over fanciness, so I never brushed my hair. Maybe once a month if it was a lucky one.

I didn’t like it when my mother brushed my hair for me because it always hurt more so than if I were to brush my own hair. Therefore, when I was forced by my mother to brush my hair, I would pick the lesser of the two evils and brush my own hair.

But I never did it well enough. I never really tried. So it always looked the same before and after I brushed it and my mother would insist that she do it again herself.

I never did well enough because “brushing hair well=pain,” so I shirked my brushing duties and usually only brushed the top layer of my hair.

So I thought of a new idea to get rid of the accursed knots in my hair.

I would brush my hair myself, and whenever I came across a knot, I cut it out.

Eventually, I did learn to like brushing my hair.

In fact, I loved it.

This sudden change in attitude to hair-brushing was due to a very special brush. It came in a craft kit and it was a little compact brush that you could put sequins on. AND THIS BRUSH DIDN’T HURT!

I was mystified. I was entranced. I was lost in the magical depths of this hairbrush.

I would spend all my waking hours brushing my hair until it was really soft and shiny and people commented, “How lovely. I wish I could have hair as lustrous as yours. What shampoo are you using?”. (I didn’t use shampoo that often.)

But this time of ignorant bliss was coming to a close.

We went on vacation.

I was in the bathroom, brushing my hair when the brush flew out of my hand and fell into the toilet.

14 thoughts on “(Not) Brushing Your Hair

  1. Put conditioner in it and run your fingers through it really well. Then out comes the big course comb. Rinse and brush when dry. When I was a young kid my friends used to comment when I didn’t brush my hair. I was accused of having a rat’s nest once. They were right! A fun post that brought back memories!

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      1. I hated shampoo! It got in my eyes and made them hurt like I poured liquid fire in them.
        You know, this conversation is dredging up memories. When I was younger and I was forced to use shampoo once or twice a year because of my bird’s nest, I would wear goggles.

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      2. My problem wasn’t shampoo. When I was really little and my mother would wash my hair she would scrub my scalp with very sharp nails. To this day when I am washing my hair, it all comes back to me! I think goggles are a great idea.

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  2. I’ve always said that the #1 thing I hate doing is brushing my hair. Gah! And it becomes even more painful when you haven’t brushed it in a while and yet… I put off/forget doing the damned thing.
    I don’t think I could be as brave as you to cut off my hair! As knotty as it is, I only seem to suit long hair.

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    1. Well, this was when I was in first grade, so I didn’t really consider the difference before and after I cut it.
      And I wasn’t a professional and I didn’t cut it all neat and straight. Every lock was a different length.

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