Unique Ways to Describe Me (Tag)

I have been tagged to complete this lovely tag by my tagger, Disgrace27 (taggity tag tag tag).

Let us proceed!


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What two candies describe your personality? Why?

Hmm. I know what the candies are (chocolate and pop rocks). I still have to think of as to why…

Pop rocks: I will explode when exposed to saliva.

Caramel: I am sticky (in a figurative way).


You can only answer in song lyrics. What’s one thing you want others to know about you?

I’m probably going to think of something great in a couple hours. Right now, the only thing going through my head is “I like the smell of gasoline” from Play With Fire by Sam Tinnesz, but that doesn’t apply to me.

Maybe “Keep your silver, give me that gold” from Unstoppable by The Score (everyone has to listen to this song.)


What movie that is literally your life?

There’s no movie that’s literally my life as I am not an actor or a character.

It doesn’t apply figuratively either.


What season describes your view of life?

My view is pretty pessimistic, so probably autumn because of all the dead leaves. But autumn is my favorite season and I don’t want to relate it to negativity.

Maybe spring then. I despise spring.


What scent holds memories for you?

Any scent? Different scents hold different memories. (Random fact about me: I can identify a whole slew of things by scent.)

Maybe chocolate or coffee. They scream fifth-grade.


Let’s say that every blogger on WordPress has been tagged. That’s more than five, right?