Book Reviews!

Guys! What kind of semi-book blog is this? It’s been forever since I’ve reviewed anything! (Or even talked about books at all.)

So now I will throw up a large quantity of book reviews that review books that I have read recently.


story thieves pick the plot

Story Thieves: Pick the Plot   3/5

This book was okay. It wasn’t as good as the others in the series and there wasn’t much character development or plot in general. But that’s to be expected considering it’s a pick the plot book, which in itself is very interesting because the story that I read is different from the story that someone else read, even though it’s the same book. It was still a lovely addition to the series, which I highly recommend.


fantastic beasts and where to find them the original screenplay

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay   4/5

Fantastic Beasts is currently my favorite movie and it is absolutely wonderful. Thanks to the screenplay, I actually know what is going on.


turtles all the way down

Turtles All the Way Down   4/5

This book was great. I love John Green’s writing style and the things his characters point out that I’d never think about. One such thing that I keep thinking about is how English puts humans above many things, but below the stars. (It was much prettier the way John Green put it.) The main character was well-developed as we spent a lot of time inside her head, but I felt like there was more we could’ve known about the other characters. But I think this was intentional because Aza, the main character, is thinking more about what’s going on inside herself and is not very observant. The mystery aspect of the book was also rather lacking as it wasn’t the main focus of the book and it was suspenseful. But that’s okay since it’s not really about the mystery.

The ending was… there are no words. It sort of just ended. I really like the way it made it seem like the book was just a little piece of the characters’ lives, but I don’t like that I won’t know what happened after! This book may keep you up at night, imagining the next nonexistent chapter.


the gentleman's guide to vice and virtue

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue   5/5

This book was wonderful! The humor was exceptional and I think if I actually like historical fiction this would be a new favorite. It was ridiculous. *A note for future reference: When I say “ridiculous”, I usually mean it in a good way.


the language of thorns.jpg

The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic   5/5

This book was so good! It’s a collection of short stories that are like traditional fairy tales. And it was absolutely amazing! It’s hard to review the book as a whole because all the stories were completely different. My favorite was “The Witch of Duva”, which I made the mistake of reading at midnight. It was so creepy.


six of crows.jpg

Six of Crows   12/5

THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD! Spinette, you have to read it. Everyone in the whole universe has to read this. I have to reread it.


Okay. I can’t form coherent thoughts about it. Everyone, just read it. Trust me.


I’m going to try and be better about reviewing. Maybe I’ll do one every five books I read?

33 thoughts on “Book Reviews!

      1. Yes, Six of Crows is much better. You can tell that she really improved a s a writer. I read the Grisha Trilogy before Six of Crows.
        The Language of Thorns is absolutely spectacular! My favorite was The Witch of Duva.

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      2. They’re short stories set in the universe and none of the characters from Six of Crows or The Grisha Trilogy are in it. It says that it’s a collection of stories that the characters would have heard growing up.

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      3. The Language of Thorns was better than The Grisha Trilogy in my opinion because her writing improved.
        It’s not really comparable to Six of Crows, though, because one is a book of fairy tales and the other is Six of Crows.
        But as you can see, I rated The Language of Thorns as 5/5 and Six of Crows as 12/5. So yeah…
        Either way, both of them are in the top five books I’ve ever read. Hey, I could do a post on that!

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      1. Yes! I immediately made plans to re-read it upon finishing. And I tried to read a couple books after, but I just couldn’t get into them because they didn’t compare. So then I immediately read Crooked Kingdom.

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    1. I think it would depend on what I have to say about each book. If it’s short like these are, then I’d need multiple to make it a proper size. But then for some books, I could have one review set aside just for it. I’d probably write whatever the review for it right after I read it, though, whether it’s a collection of reviews or a single one.

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