We Were Liars Book Review

For most of this book, I thought it was kind of “meh”. It wasn’t too great, but it wasn’t spectacularly awful either. But, that may just be me as I prefer epic fantasies to realistic fictions.

But then the twist happened…

Oh my blobfish, the twist!

It was explicitly stated in the book not to reveal how the book ended and I will abide by Lockhart’s wishes and will not reveal how the book ended.

But the twist.

After reading the twist, I read it again to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Then I read it again to doublecheck. Then I ran to Spinette’s house and begged her to read it as I was sure that if I didn’t discuss the ending with someone I would surely explode.

The verdict: The ending will make you claw your eyeballs out (in a good way).