5 Things Not to do Whilst Baking

Do NOT do these five things ever when baking. It will result in unsatisfactory results.

From now on, “it” will refer to the baked goods that you have baked or are currently baking.

  1. Do not leave it in the fire too long and burn it.
  2. Do not drop off a cliff of any height. (It will be difficult to retrieve your baked goods.)
  3. Do not go swimming with your baked goods, no matter how much you may want to.
  4. Do not mix up flour and powdery white sand from the beaches of Wyoming.
  5. Do not burn your house down.

This list has been compiled from personal experiences. As you can probably tell, I usually buy storebought baked goods now.

Top Five Ways To Become a Better Writer

Since I am an experienced author, who knows exactly what I’m doing, I am going share some tips with you on how you can be a better author!

1. Examine

Everything starts with examining, from social gatherings to chess to writing! Examine books that you like or have a twist ending that you didn’t see coming. Read books 24/7, making sure not to get any useful work done on your story. Read until you drop, and mean literally drop from all the things you’ve seen in books that you are incorporating into your own that are automatically now known to you as clichés!  Another thing to consider is reading Wattpad stories and fanfiction instead of actual published stories. This will give you insight on what to put in your story to make others laugh out loud at various grammatical errors.

2. Complicated Romances 

Love Triangles are the best thing of all books and should not be a cliché. Triangles are wonderful, amazing plots of indecision, stupidity, featuring a main character who is as bland as crust-less bread. In fact, there is a whole subject dedicated to triangles of love called trigonometry. Make the main character so boring and so much of a blank slate that it is a SIN. Next, make that whiteboard fall in love with someone, COS he is good-looking but terrible to other human beings. And finally, make her fall in love with another person simply because his shade of blackness in his heart is way more TAN and he is even more gorgeous! Soon, move on to geometry, with love squares, octagon, decagons and even hexa-flexa-gons!

3. Voluminous Quarrels

The applicability of elephantine colloquy within the practice of scripting for the populace is veritably uncomplicated, and will not vamoose your nonexistent congregation of devotees discombobulated at all, especially if they are the mini versions of humankind. As a statement that is proven with various experiments and evidence, it is substantiated that a chronicle containing voluminous quarrels will not be insipid or vacuous.

Phew, I’m tired of all those big words! Let’s end this fact!

4. Details

I just love details! The reader can just picture something amazing in his/her/whatever your cup of tea/yeah/this slash contains all human beings/or if happen to be an animal mind. Wasn’t that group of slashes, that wonderful, slanted, narrow, typed in flawlessly, group of slashes just include everything! This is what I needlessly, helplessly, beautifully, begrudgingly, amazingly, and crystal clearly am telling you, you nonexistent, smelly, stanky, but awesome readers! For more clarification, I will provide an example:

She opens the door passionately on the wooden floor of the room, smelling with sweaty strangers, unknown body odor, and bursting with loud music from outside, that busts into my delicate, elfish ears. The girl brushes the hair out of her face, her face, pale, white and decorated with intricate spiderwebs, made from teensy weensy strings of spider silk. Her hair is a sugary grey, not a flat, dull, insipid grey, but a warm, steamy, graceful color, that just would seem to complement the rainbow if a part of it. Her eyes are crystal clear, blue like the sea, a boundless, endless, but calm and serene sea, with her eyelashes only admiring like corals do on the surface of the sandy sand. I slowly tell her, with great anger, sorrow, with my crimson, rose, blood coursing through my veins, like a surfer on a tremendous wave of heated anxiety…
















5. END ON A CLIFFHANGER! (actual fifth tip will come at a later date and time)” 


Anime Favorite Five

Anime is Anime. A place where magic powers can be almost be anything, where emotions of characters are exaggerated by a million, and where smart plot-lines can actually happen in the realm of animation.

So now for the list!

5. Death Note


With notebook of death, and the insane Light Yagami behind it, will L bring this anonymous killer to justice? This anime… is just so dramatic, but so smart at the same time, with a notebook of death as the premise. It can make eating potato chips dramatic! And deliver amazing twists that just leave you wanting more and more. The two main characters, Light and L  (geniuses) fight on, head to head in this thrilling anime. My only complaint is that the supporting characters (Light’s Dad, Misa, etc.) are such air-heads and are pieces of dust compared to the main duo. Another perk of this anime is watching L’s toes rub against each other which I found aesthetically pleasing.

4. Nichijou


Like the last one on the list, this anime is dramatic, but not just dramatic, off the charts dramatic! It makes mundane school life sound like a shonen anime! Plus, it is hilarious with jokes that know that they are jokes. I have fantasies of petting the birds (the thing you see on the brown-haired girl’s head) that are on all the spines of the manga, since all the animation is so soft and nice! I have no complaints.

3. Naruto Shippuden


This is one of the big three, so why not put it on number three? The best thing about Naruto is the characters, with elaborate backstories, and signature moves that are always changing. Naruto is constantly building up his skills as a ninja, as are all the other characters. But, the true reason I put this anime, out of the big three (One Piece, Naruto, and Blech) is because the fight scenes are awesome (Actually I put it on here so I could imagine the smoothness of Gaara’s forehead without eyebrows, but it’s same thing, right?)

2. Erased


Erased, no matter how overdone the time-travel concept has been, still blew my mind. It takes a new spinoff of it where our main character goes through time leaps when something goes wrong—- usually just a couple of seconds. But, when the time leap goes full circle on all his problems, his pizza-man job, his rejection of being a manga artist, and a maniac killer following his small family unit, he gets transported into the past when he was a child. I really like how the story twists, and the anime style too.

Honorable Mentions

Yuri on Ice!





Manabae is relatable on so many levels. ALSO MURUTO-SENPAI’S FACE!

1. Your Name


This anime movie is the most beautiful, and the most emotional anime I have ever watched. I really enjoy how it doesn’t start at the beginning but after one day of the main character’s switching lives. It’s an old concept, Freaky Friday type, but it’s done so amazingly that I couldn’t discount this as overdone! The animation is everything perfect about the world and the story had a twist that had me screaming in my bed! So, if you do anything after reading this watch Your Name, if you haven’t done so already.