I personally prefer rock music. Classic rock, indie rock, whatever, but not heavy metal. Surprising, I know.

When I was a kid, I used to say that rock was my least favorite genre of music, without having ever heard it, because I thought it was all screaming and guitar-smashing. So five-year-old me was grouping all rock with heavy metal. But the irony to this is that all my favorite songs were actually rock, I just didn’t know.

So here are the bands I usually listen to (although I’m open to other songs as well):

  • Imagine Dragons!!! – Favorite isn’t a strong enough word to describe how much I love them.
  • The Score– Unstoppable
  • OneRepublic- Counting Stars, Apologize
  • Fall Out Boys
  • Bastille- Pompeii!!!
  • 21 Pilots

And when I don’t feel like listening to words:

  • ThePianoGuys
  • Lindsey Stirling


  • All Star by Smash Mouth

Random Fact: I play the flute. Spinette does too, but she played the baritone for a while. I also played the viola for a year (although I can’t really remember how to anymore) and Spinette plays the piano as well.

My Favorites

In this post, I will be writing a list of my favorite things. None of this information is necessarily accurate. I will lie at my discretion. Do not assume anything is absolutely and completely true.

  • Restaurant
    • IHOP
  • Books
    • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
    • The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
    • The Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger
  • Movie
    • Fantastic Monsters and Where to Find Them
  • TV shows
    • I don’t watch TV
  • Clouds
    • Heavy storm clouds, right before it rains. (But I’ll take any and all clouds. Clouds make me happy.)
  • Food
    • Marshmallows
    • Chocolate (Darker the better)
    • Hot chocolate (with marshmallows and whipped cream)
    • Whipped cream (It’s like warm ice cream)
    • Ice cream (most flavors)
    • deserts in general
    • strawberries
  • Drinks
    • Cranberry juice!!!
    • I probably should’ve put Hot Chocolate on this list, not the last because it is technically a liquid and thus a drink. Oh well.
    • Orange juice
    • Raspberry lemonade
    • Fruit punch
  • Pen
    • It must be gel!
  • Pencil
    • Papermate Clearpoint (0.7, not 0.9, not 0.5)
  • Band
    • Imagine Dragons (also referred to as Envision Dragons)
  • Music
    • Rock, but not heavy metal
  • Song
    • Any Imagine Dragons song, although I have a particular affinity for Gold
  • Artist
    • M.C. Escher
    • Magritte
  • Punctuation
    • …!
    • …!
  • Etc.
    • Hmm….