Foopy the Fruit Fly

As mentioned in my post Gardening, I once had a fairy garden that I watered too much and drowned. The roots of my plant rotted from the inside out.

Well, many fruit flies were attracted to my fairy garden and they would swarm around my fairy garden, for what purpose, I have no idea. I was quite fond of one particular fruit fly and I dubbed it Foopy.

Obviously, I had no way to tell the difference between Foopy and every other fruit fly and thus many, many fruit flies were named Foopy, but one at a time, of course.

As Foopy was not one fruit fly (as I believed), but many, Foopy lived far past the average life expectancy of a fruit fly.


On the note of life expectancy, look up the immortal jellyfish. It is my favorite animal (aside from spiders, obviously).