The Meaning Of Life

I like to ponder things.

What exactly is the meaning of life? Please answer it for me. Is it just a path all people walk? Walk, walk, walk in circles, in a giant zero? Well, one plus one doesn’t equal zero, does it? Then what’s the best way to spend that endless circle, or is it even truly endless? Is it death at the end? Than what shape would life even be? A line segment perhaps? And how does that line segment contribute to human society as a whole? Does that mean all life is simply a fractal, an endless shape? No. Death is always at the end. Right? Is it really? I believe most humans who spend time with someone who makes them sparkle, create new life, don’t they? But that is not really their life, is it? This is a system of equations!

I’m bad at those.

(And what if you can’t sparkle—Arachnid I’m looking at you)

Death? Yeah, it’s death.

Or touching the bottom of people’s feet.