Let’s Save the World!

I was looking at the weather forecast recently, as I usually do. The high for this Friday is 49°F (9°C)! That’s sweater weather in the middle of January in Michigan!

It’s ridiculous!

I don’t know if the warm weather recently is a result of global warming, but because of it, I have been thinking about global warming more than usual lately.

Carbon dioxide is a major contributing factor to rising temperatures. (This website discusses the science-y stuff way better than I could, so check it out.)

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but there’s this thing called a “tree”, and you know what it does? It takes carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen for FREE.

So why don’t you guys plant a tree this spring? You’ll be saving the Earth! You’ll be a hero! Think about it. Doesn’t that sound appealing?

You could force everyone to call you (insert name here) the Hero.

And while you’re at it, you could plant some flowers to help the bees in your life.

Or you could recycle.


So, readers, please use the Contact page to send me a picture of you planting a tree or a garden and I’ll make a collage of all the pictures I get around April.


And please talk about climate change and planting trees on your blog or pester your real-life friends. I think together we could save the world!

Climate Change: Some Random Thoughts

In my relatively short life, I’ve already noticed changes in the weather. Barely any snow, frigid winters, blistering summers. I remember when we were younger and I had a Slip n’ Slide (which is basically a tarp you put water on so you can slide around) and we’d anxiously wait for the temperature to go into the 80°s so we could use it, but it rarely went above the high 70°s. Now, we have summers where most days are spent in the 90°s.

Also, I remember the snow piling higher than my head. Obviously, I’ve gotten taller, but this winter you could see all the grass, and I doubt I was shorter than grass.

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure these things should take multiple lifetimes, no one lifetime, and definitely not the fraction of a lifetime I’ve lived.



It is imperative that we all recycle!


You must.


Many people do not recycle, and I find that absurd. Recycling is quite simple really, instead of putting your plastic in one type of container, you put it in another container that often smells much more pleasant.

Recycling requires no more energy than throwing something away. Even lazy people can do it.

But recycling is so much better for the environment. It keeps landfills less full, less plastic must be made, and fewer trees have to be cut down.

Truly, recycling is a win-win-win situation.


But, sometimes, people want to recycle, they really do, but the facility that they are in does not contain recycling bins. This is even more absurd. If your facility contains a trash can, then it should have a recycling bin as well.

It should be a rule: Wherever there is a trash can, there should be a recycling bin right next to it.

If a place does not have a recycling bin, a person may just shrug and throw away his or her water bottle, which would then go to a landfill and take 450 years to decompose.

I will repeat: Water bottles take an average of 450 YEARS to decompose in landfills.


I think that recycling bins should be tall and narrow like trash cans instead of short and squat like they normally are. It would make them more noticeable, and if a person notices a recycling bin, it would elevate his or her guilt of choosing not to recycle. Of choosing to put a water bottle in a landfill for 45o years.


Why should someone choose not to recycle? Why would a place choose not to have the option of recycling available to its patrons?

Why should people choose to destroy the Earth?


My note to you: RECYCLE!


Check out Mavis Dee’s view on recycling here.