The F-Word

I’m planning to write another post eventually on swear words in general, so this is sort of like an appetizer.

This is a story of the first (and only) time I’ve said the f-word.

But before we get to that, I’d like to talk about this tongue twister. (“Mother Pheasant Plucker”. You can imagine how well that goes. I am scared to even attempt it.) I have an acquaintance who introduced me to this song and she has managed to perfect this twisty tongue twister, but whenever she sings it, I get very nervous.

So on to the story.

When I was in second grade, I, like any other sane second grader, loved Kidz Bop and one day dreamed being among their ranks of singers. I remember that I bought Kidz Bop 19 at one point, but that was the only album of theirs that I bought or listened to. But even without having heard a majority of their unoriginal songs, I knew that I adored them.

I also thought that all the songs that they chose to sing were curse word-free.

I was watching TV one day, as I did on the majority of days, and I happened to come across one of Kidz Bop’s advertisements, in which they sang a clip of a song, Starship.

I immediately adored this song.

As a second grader, I knew that some songs had swear words and were not appropriate for second graders like myself. But my new favorite song (I know, I had bad taste back then) had been sung by Kidz Bop, right? So it didn’t have any bad words, right?

Well, when I was in second grade, I knew of the existence of bad words. I didn’t know what they were.

My Vocabulary of Curse Words






So I looked up the lyric video on Youtube and set to work on learning the song. I was quite confused when I saw that they hadn’t finished a word and instead had “f” and a bunch of asterisks. I thought that the person who made the lyric video hadn’t been able to hear the word properly and had given up. But I was not like this person. I was persistent. So I listened hard and figured out what the word was.

I had learned the entire song, even the rap parts, and I was very proud of myself. (This song is by Nicki Minaj, may I add.)

I was ready to go to the next level.

I performed the song for my father.

F-word and all.

I wasn’t allowed to watch Youtube for a month.


P.S. In the Kidz Bop version, the word is replaced with “We’re Kidz Bop and we’re taking over.”

What are they taking over?