Spring Cleaning Book Tag

Let’s all pretend that this is actually the Summer Cleaning Book Tag because I’m awful at doing tags in a timely fashion and now it’s summer.

I was tagged by the always lovely Sophia Ismaa. Everyone go to her blog and shower her with digital chocolate.


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It’s time to make your bed, but you’re going to have some friends over later and want to pick the perfect book to place on your nightstand for them all to see that you’re “reading”. Which book do you choose?

I choose Six of Crows because I will use every opportunity to shove this book down the throats of every human being I see.


Oh no! The house needs dusting, but you just can’t put that book you’re reading down! What book would you buy on audio just so you could continue the story while cleaning?

It probably wouldn’t be fair to pick Six of Crows again… I’ll go with A Conjuring of Light, then. It was unputdownable. Which is definitely a word.


Darn it! The ceiling is leaking! Turns out Mass-Market Paperbacks are the best things to soak water up! Which popular book do you use to soak up the water?

Ready Player One because it’s my brother’s book, not mine, and I don’t really care for it either. Undeveloped minor characters, annoying lead, and boring plot is a recipe for a sacrificable book.


Bathrooms need a good scrubbing, and your 2007 Cosmos are a little outdated and need replacing. What book do you place in the bathroom for some light reading for when people need to take care of business?

A picture book about potty training.


Family is coming over, but you have no idea what to make for dinner! You read somewhere that tearing up the last chapter of a book whose ending you hated and sprinkling it in a casserole dish makes for the perfect meal! Which book do you choose?

The Book ThiefI wish the ending never happened. And if you don’t know what I”m talking about, go read the book right now.


Organization is key, right? When it comes time to organize your bookshelf, you realize you have enough room (and money) to get three new books! Which books do you buy?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universeand The False PrinceThe first two are books I’ve been planning to read for ages, but never got around to, and the third because it’s one of my favorites and I’d love to have my own copy.


Finally, some peace and quiet! But, before you can relax, you realize you forgot to send your Aunt a thank you gift for the lovely “ADULT LIFE FOR DUMMIES” book she gave you for Christmas (maybe she’s trying to tell you something?). What book do you send to her to show her how much (this is sarcasm) you appreciate her gift?

You know that picture book about potty training that everyone has been handling while they’re taking care of business? Yeah? That one.

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You should definitely take showers, not baths. There’s the obvious reason, with showers using much less water than baths (which is a very good reason to take showers. Save the environment!), and then there are the overlooked reasons as to why you should never take a bath.

Have you, dear nonexistent reader, ever really thought about what a bath truly is? It is soaking in your own pool of filth. Sitting for possibly hours, even days, as your grime floats around you. Does this mean that when you eventually exit the tub you will be just as dirty as when you entered the tub? Does this mean that a person who has only ever taken baths in their life has never properly gotten impeccably clean?

And if you’re like me and you like extremely hot self-cleaning episodes, you would likely take an extremely hot bath as well (assuming you don’t prefer boiling showers and icy baths). Does this mean that you are cooking yourself in a soup consisting of yourself and your filth?

And if this is indeed the case, it means that if you were ever in a boiling communal bathing location (otherwise known as a “hot tub”), that you are cooking yourself, along with your closest friends or closest strangers (in this instance, “closest” is referring to the distance between yourself and the strangers with whom you are sharing the boiling communal bathing location with.) into a large quantity of soup.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll make some broccoli-cheddar soup in my bathtub tomorrow…