Partying in New York and Other Social Struggles (and a rant about school)

Hello, nonexistent peeps!

So as you may know, I recently went to my cousin’s wedding in New York. The wedding was really different from my other cousin’s wedding in Bangladesh. While the Bangladesh wedding was strictly traditional and tedious, the New York one consisted of three straight days of partying with much alcohol involved. While I don’t enjoy parties (or people in general) I did have fun discovering a new version of people-watching: Drunk people-watching.

The drunken peoples did many, many idiotic things. It was hilarious.

One dude was very, very drunk and he was dancing flopping like a fish out of water. At one point he fell asleep on my cousin’s shoulder, and my cousin just let him stay there. After that, he fell asleep on the floor for a bit before finally sleeping on one of the tables at the banquet hall.

The drunk peoples also wriggled around on the floor doing a “snake dance”.

Before people got overly drunk, there were some social struggles. I was wearing an off-the-shoulder dress at the party, and an older lady touched my shoulder and asked if it was the style or if it was ripped. I usually keep my sarcasm inside my head with strangers, but I was annoyed, so it kinda slipped out and with a little extra bite. I said, “No, it ripped” with an unspoken Of course it’s the style. This is obvious. And it’s rude to ask people if their clothing is torn. *Shrugs* I was feeling mean. And then EVERYONE within earshot gasped. My mom tried to play it off because I had, in fact, just ripped my skirt.

Soon after, I was retrieving my food from the buffet and I was trying to pick up the naan, but I dropped the tongs on the floor. I tried to get the waiter’s attention while the line was growing behind me. The lady behind me told me to just put it on the table. As soon as I exited the line, a new waiter arrived and put the tongs BACK IN THE FOOD.

and I didn’t say anything.

At the actual wedding, I wore a dress that weighed a LOT. I’m certain that if someone weight trained with it, they would grow some serious muscles. (Is that the proper terminology?!) My mom said that I could change out of the dress after a couple hours, but then she accidentally left the normal dress in the car, which was driven away by a valet-dude. But I convinced my mom to let me wear my sneakers with the dress. So people were drunk. Other people got married. One of my cousins asked his wife who she was. One cousin tried to give away his credit card. One person I don’t know was feeding people desserts from a communal spoon. Etc. Many cousins wriggled on the floor pretending to be snakes.

There was also this priest-dude. In the middle of a ceremony, he got a phone call. He talked for fiveish minutes, in the middle of the ceremony. “Yep. Hi. Sup. Yeah, I’m marrying some peeps right now.” And then after the phone call, he started the ceremony over again.

Bonus: A Random, Unrelated Rant.

So yesterday, we got our schedules for school and mine was pretty messed up. They kicked me out of the honors math program and put me in precalculus instead of honors precalculus. This is because I’m doing the class as a tenth grader with eleventh graders and the upperclassmen get priority for honors. Because I’m in regular precalculus, all the honors precalculus homework that I spent the summer doing is now obsolete and the year after, I’ll have to do Calculus AB instead of Calculus BC like the honors kids.

On top of that, instead of a biology class I REALLY wanted, I got health and architectural design, which a super bummer because no one likes health (which I’d planned to do over the summer) and I’m not interested in architecture. So instead of the biology class, which is full, I asked for Physics, but that’s full, too. So then I asked for Spanish 3, but that doesn’t work either. My friends who also wanted the biology class all ended up with Physics. This is awful because I wanted more science.

I am like cookie monster. I want math/science.


I’m upset.

11 thoughts on “Partying in New York and Other Social Struggles (and a rant about school)

  1. Sounds like one hell of a party. The drunk guy sleeping on the table is my spirit animal. Man, you’re so lucky that you got to party for three days straight. 😭
    I know you like your maths and science but architectural design sounds pretty awesome. I wish they did that in the UK.

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      1. Health is a one semester class separate from physical education. On top of health, I need to take either two semesters of physical education (the first one is generalized physical education and the second one is based around a particular skill, like gymnastics or tennis or something) or one semester of physical education and two seasons of a sport.
        I’m hoping to get the second semester of physical education waived because I’ll have to drop band otherwise.

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      2. Oo :/. I don’t think I understand the difference between health and physical education. In the UK it’s physical education and sports/judo/rock climbing/sports leadership etc, so both of them are combined. Good luck with that!

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      3. LOOOOOOL. Oh gosh. I think I know what you’re talking about. You say it’s common sense (but you have more common sense than me) but I got the first question wrong 🙂… I think it was something to do with the top 3 things that are bad for your health. I think the answer was drugs, alcohol and lack of exercise.

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  2. That wedding sure does sound like a lot xD, but I admit, drunk-people watching sounds very entertaining.
    I’m sorry about that schedule/class mix-up. Honestly, sometimes school just makes me really mad sometimes. We got our schedules the other day and apparently, our lunch is at 1:22pm. 1:22…. WHO MADE THIS HAPPEN?? WHY UNIVERSE??
    I hope your school year still goes okay, though *sending positive energy*
    Great post ❤

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    1. The wedding was intense. I’d prefer a wedding in a library with lots of books and silence strongly encouraged. Or with less people.
      Hopefully it’ll get sorted out. If not, maybe I’ll like architectural design? Maybe? Hopefully? I’ll try to be positive. I don’t think I’ll like health, though. I haven’t managed to find a person who does.
      1:22 pm! When does your school start? Do they at least let you have a snack?


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