The Forgotten Blog Ideas

Heyo, peeps!

I’ve had many blog post ideas over the nearly-year, some of them good, some of them bad, and some which never made the cut. As I’m one to go all-out with bad post ideas, the ones that don’t make the cut are usually just too short. Like only a couple sentences long. But I guarantee that those couple sentences are funny and they don’t deserve to rot away in my notebook of blog ideas. So why not mash them together into a disconnected post and let them have a bit of the spotlight?

  • Playing hot potato with ACTUAL hot potatoes. I mean, who even does that anymore?
  • When you think you’ve been eating multivitamins, but they’re actually gummy bears.
  • When I’m angry at someone, I find that it helps to imagine their head as a watermelon and a conveniently-placed hammer in your hand.
  • What if animals had equal rights? What if you hit a squirrel with your car and it died? Would you be charged with manslaughter (squirrelslaughter)?
  • There’s morning people (early birds), night people (night owls), and me: the perpetually tired.
  • Why did the chicken cross the road?
    • This joke is funny because the listener expects a funny punchline, but the punchline (to get to the other side) is so decidedly unfunny that it’s shocking, and therefore it’s funny.
  • What happened to all the older people in YA fantasy?
  • Nut Ramblings
    • Cashews are my favorite nut
    • Salted almonds are bad
    • Unsalted peanuts are bad
    • So since peanuts must be salted and almonds cannot be salted, peanuts and almonds can’t mix, even though they’re both nuts.
  • bubble cars
  • Is the scent of a freshly mown lawn actually grass blood?
  • Red is my favorite flavor
  • Leave an index card that is decorated and says, “Have a stunning day” in every library book you read for others to find. On the back, write, “Why, today is amazing“.
  • Never stick your hand (or anything else) in the flame. It is not good for your health. (I can’t remember what I meant by this. I don’t get the italics either.)
  • Sayings
    • Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.
    • The only possible motive for asking a question is to see what the other person knows.
    • One must always believe whatever one finds on the internet.
    • One must never have any expectations at all so one will always be impressed with one’s accomplishments.
    • The worse something tastes, the healthier it must be.
  • Emojis that should exist
    • Yellow circle (for when there is no emotion)
    • scowl
    • stick figure
    • bemused expression
    • one with crossed arms
    • half-smile
    • glaring
    • evil witch cackles
    • furrowed brows
  • From what direction do you peel a banana?
  • When I was a kid, I’d rip the heads off of gummy bears and stick them on other bodies. Is that weird?

So welcome to a piece of my mind. If you didn’t already think I was crazy, here’s some more evidence to prove you otherwise.

This was actually really helpful because while I was looking through my notebooks, I found a bunch of good ideas that I haven’t written posts for yet I think!

14 thoughts on “The Forgotten Blog Ideas

    1. It works well (sometimes).
      The animal rights was an interesting idea because I can see it both ways. Animals shouldn’t be treated as cruelly as we treat them sometimes. Equal rights would prevent habitat destruction and deforestation. It would promote sustainability. It’s pretentious of humans to say we’re the only intelligent creatures on earth. Everyone would be vegetarian.
      But, would it be fair to be charged with man slaughter for accidentally killing a squirrel?
      The idea unfortunately didn’t work out. It was mostly just rambling, and while I’m often a fan of rambling, it wasn’t rambling in a good way.

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      1. I’m not going to lie, there were so many scientific terms, I was struggling to understand BUT… I still think it would make a good post & if you delved into it, it would make a really interesting read & theoretical discussion.
        There are so many questions to be asked: if we say that it isn’t manslaughter it can open up a floodgate where many defendants can plead not guilty and pretend it was an accident because an intention to kill an animal can be more easy to navigate than the intention to kill a human being.
        Just pretend you’re writing an essay in school and that could make it easier. 🙂

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      2. [with tongue firmly in cheek] How can we save the animals and NOT save the vegetation. If we eat the vegetation, aren’t we murdering or maiming the plants? As our blogger pointed out…when you smell fresh mown lawn, are you actually smelling grass blood?

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    1. There’s different interpretations, one of which is a death joke.
      I don’t know if everyone knows it. Someone should conduct a survey. “What is your interpretation of the chicken joke?”


      1. Once I listened to someone having a really bad day,they listed so many things that had gone wrong. I said to her :be careful when you cross the road’ she said why? “You might get hit by a falling chicken” She lost control. She was unable to stop laughing. It became a talking point in the pub, I repeated the joke ,no one else got it. It was so weird!

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