The Floppiest of Birthday Flops

And so begins the prescheduled posts while I’m in Bangladesh.

This post is a bit different from my usual ones because I’m going to be talking about my real life outside of the blogosphere. Yep, that’s right. I am a real person who isn’t actually a robot inside your computer writing witty posts.

So, as you may know, my birthday was on June 5th. Birthdays are interesting things. Days to celebrate a person’s existence and their aging into a raisin, which is a true accomplishment that most people hope for someday, only to eventually die.

My last two birthdays have been flops as well, so I was hoping for this one to be absolutely amazing. Two years ago, we were in the process of moving from Michigan to Kentucky, so my birthday was somewhat forgotten and I didn’t have a celebration nor party. Last year, my actual birthday happened to fall on the first day of finals, so the actual day was lost in a slew of studying. I did have a party, but it doubled as a going away party because I was moving from one city in Michigan to another city in Michigan the next week, so it wasn’t the happiest of occasions.

I was psyched for this year. (Except for the fact that birthdays force one to confront their own mortality.)

It was floppy. Both my actual birthday and the party.

I feel like I’m being kinda whiney. The intention is for it to be humorous. *Flings humor at you*

A Random Pun From The Internet: What do you call a thieving alligator?… A CROOKODILE. *Ba dum crash* *Crickets*

So as I’m writing this, it’s 6/18/2018, which is also the day after father’s day, which is also the day after my birthday party. I invited about fifteen people. Many of them couldn’t come because of father’s day or other random things they had to do. A couple of people canceled the day before my party.

So overall, we had me, my brother, and Spinette. And we had THREE GUESTS.

And we had three pitchers of drinks.

Ten chairs.

A relatively large cake.

Three pizzas.

And six people, three of whom were me, my brother, and Spinette (people who are obligated to come).


At one point, one of them asked when everyone else was going to get there.

My response: *Crickets*

We had fun. It was just kinda…awkward.

Am I allowed to have a redo?

(Also, Spinette got me My Chemical Romance and Twenty One Pilots t-shirts along with a new cactus! I don’t currently have a picture of the new cactus because Spinette is cactus-sitting them while I’m in Bangladesh.)

11 thoughts on “The Floppiest of Birthday Flops

  1. After like, my eighth birthday I stopped getting celebrations. For two years I was kinda bummed, but now I literally don’t even care about my birthday XD. I try to spend it like every other day.

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  2. Happy B-day, even if it’s a little late.
    At least you had cake and your best friend and family with you. and a new cactus. It could have been worse.
    On my last birthday, april 1st, no one remembered it, not my kids, my parents, or any of my friends. i got no cake or gifts.

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    1. Yes! We had a lot of fun! Especially the new cactus with all of his cactus friends. And it was definitely better than last year when I spent the day taking really long tests and studying for other really long tests.
      You should remind them everyday of the week leading up to the party. After they forgot one year, I’ve been doing it every year and it works really well.

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  3. Sad to hear that dude but I’m sure you will have a good birthday one day, don’t lose hope. Last years birthday, I planned really well and it ended up being the best birthday I’ve ever had, I had to wait 24 years but it came so don’t worry, it’ll happen one day and even if the year after it’s shit, you’ll remember that birthday after, of course, very naturally having a meltdown because of the crap birthday. I know it sounds petty, but yes, be kind to those who didn’t come for your own peace of mind but when it comes to their birthdays… you have no responsibility to make it great for them if they didn’t make it great for you. Be kind for your own peace but don’t be a mug.

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    1. There are no hard feelings for the people who couldn’t make it. Because of being boxed in between finals and the trip, the party was planned in four days, so most of the invitees only had three days notice, and since it was Father’s Day, a lot of them had other plans. And one of them who was supposed to come ended up spraining her ankle, and my party was ice skating…
      A question: What is a mug? I feel like that’s a British thing maybe? Because I’m picturing myself as a coffee mug and I don’t think that physically possible, so we don’t have to worry about me turning into one.

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