Mini Book Reviews!

Hello peoples! Due to finals and other life happenings, I haven’t had time to review books, but I have read quite a few books over the last few weeks. Be prepared to be pummeled with book reviews.

Ready Player One || 3/5

I feel like this book was good, it just wasn’t for me, personally.

One of the main assets of this book is all the references to ’80’s pop culture. But as I’m not particularly well-versed in ’80’s pop culture, I found them somewhat annoying whereas others could love a book that alludes to their favorite TV show as a kid.

This book took me over two weeks to finish. I think more than anything, I found it bland. I liked the plot, but it wasn’t an amazing plot. It was an average plot. The writing was also decent, but not spectacular. Average.

I didn’t like the characters in this book, especially the main character, Wade. He got on my nerves. The minor characters should’ve been developed more. The reader didn’t really get to know them, so I wasn’t attached to them at all and I wasn’t invested in what happened to them.

The plot was also overly convenient.

Let’s move on. I’m even getting bored writing this review.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson || 3/5

I usually love John Green’s books, but that’s because he is the King of Metaphor. This book, unfortunately, didn’t contain many metaphors, and when you strip John Green of his metaphors, there sadly isn’t much left.

This book, like so many of his other works, lacked a concrete and thrilling plot. Things kept happening without an overall idea holding all the different miniature ideas together.

The characters were (fortunately) developed, but they still felt bland.

I really liked the writing style, though. Especially David Leviathan’s portion of the book.

This Mortal Coil || 3.5/5

Compared to Ready Player OneThis Mortal Coil is what a science fiction should be like.

I loved the idea for this book and the apocalypse-ness of it. The characters were lovely (except for one) and they were developed (ish).

This was an addicting read that I finished in two days full of twists and turns and the writing was beautiful.

I love the concept of the Hydra vaccine and the genetic-coding aspect of it was amazing.

There was a love triangle in this book.

Also, I got a chance to talk to this author (with a medium-sized group of people) over Skype, which was absolutely lovely.


*Warning. Mild Spoilers Below*

Usually, love triangles don’t bother me, but this one did. Probably because I didn’t like either of the love interests. Especially Cole. Cole was not his own person with his own hopes and dreams (aside from being an artist, which was briefly touched on). It’s like his whole reason for existence revolves around being the love interest for Cat.

*End Spoilers*


Speaking of which, why does there always have to be some undercurrent of romance in YA books? I’m not talking about love stories where romance is the point, but high fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, and other books where survival is the main point, not love.

I dare you to think of a book where there is absolutely NO romance.

The Hate U Give || 3.5/5

So. This book.

It was amazing in that it covers an important, heavy topic and it makes you think about society and equality in a different way.

But, for me, it wasn’t as gripping as I expected it to be. The characters were lovely, but the plot was somewhat slow.

I highly recommend this book. It just falls outside of my tastes. See review for Ready Player One above.

A Court of Frost and Starlight || 3/5

This book was fluffy and light, but kind of boring. It was nice to see the characters be able to relax after the harrowing events of the last three books. But. Usually, I like it when my characters suffer (sorry). It makes for a more interesting read.

From the description, I expected there to be a lot of character development, which I was excited to read, but I was disappointed. It didn’t really talk about how the events of the past books affected the characters. Most of the book was gift-shopping.

A lovely book for Christmas-time, I guess?

It was meh overall.

Okay, that’s it for today’s segment of Harsh Book Reviews.

17 thoughts on “Mini Book Reviews!

  1. well, there isn’t one single four star up there..
    and Harry Dresden by Jim Butcher has no romance and the series is incredible. Well, there was a touch of romance in one of the books, but they’re 15 books, not counting the novellas, and they can be read each alone.
    and you’re the first review of The hate U give that is actually less than four stars.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A lot of the books were pretty ‘meh’ this time around. I read most of them for an event at school, so I didn’t pick them and the person who did has different tastes.
      It’s good that there are at least some series without romance.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t read it. although i’ve read a lot of reviews on it, it’s just not my kind of book. I like that people are addressing these sensitive topics and all, but for me, if the book doesn’t call to me, i simply don’t pick it up. And if i do pick it up and the opening lines doesn’t call to me, i don’t push myself. i’m a very picky reader, i guess.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ah, school. when i was in school, i didn’t have much choices about which book to read, so i read a lot of things i wouldn’t otherwise read today. I even enjoyed reading text books back then!

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  2. You need to find a book you like! Too many 3’s and 3.5’s in a row like that tends to make me stop reading as much.

    Agree with you on every point of Ready Player One. Haven’t read the others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! There were so many low ratings. I usually only read books I like and will stop reading the ones I don’t, but I had to read a lot of these for an event for school and whoever chose them had different tastes than me.

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    2. Also, I’m glad that someone agrees about Ready Player One. Most people love it. I think the reason that I didn’t like it was the characters. The minor characters were nice, but they weren’t really underdeveloped so I couldn’t connect with them. Wade was developed, but I didn’t like him and it’s hard to like a book if you don’t like the main character.

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  3. I don’t understand why there’s so much romance in YA either. I mean, on the one hand, I understand that this stuff is new and exciting for teens while they’re all hormonal, but that doesn’t mean EVERY teen wants to read about romance. If it isn’t enhancing the plot then it doesn’t need to be there. There are plenty of adult fantasy books with no romance whatsoever and it doesn’t feel like anything is missing in those books.

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    1. I definitely hate romance in books. It is gag-worthy and usually doesn’t help the plot at all. I think there shouldn’t be any unless it is important to the plot. Middle-grade books don’t have much romance either, which is one of my favorite parts of middle-grade, but they’re also usually not as high-stakes as YA fantasy.

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      1. I’m fine with romance sometimes if its done well and isn’t there just for the sake of being there, but that’s not always easy to find. As far as YA books go, I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately. Boyfriend’s daughter is about to enter middle school. She’s really smart and mature and is starting to outgrow middle grade books. I hardly ever recommend YA books to her though because of all the romance. She’s grossed out by all that stuff. What the heck is she supposed to read in a few years?

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      2. Yes! I do like romance in contemporaries where it’s the point.
        I think there should be a step between middle grade and YA maybe. With the intensity of YA and the lack of mushiness of middle grade.


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