The Weaver Family Has Grown! (And Another Announcement)

Heyo peeps! Finals are finally over. And I didn’t suck!

It’s been a while. I hope you guys liked all those reblogs. There are still a couple left to go through.

But! Exciting news! We got more pets!



My amazing friend got me cacti for my birthday!

The one on the left is Captain Cactus and the one on the right is Sentinel Succulent. And Spinette had an absolutely BRILLIANT idea.

Introducing… The Cactus Army!



Okay… Now to the other announcement.

I know you guys JUST got me back, but I have to leave again on June 20th. We’re going to Bangladesh! *Half-hearted cheer* We’ll be back on July 15th.

In the meantime, Spinette will keep you company and I’ll have some posts scheduled ahead, but I won’t be able to reply to all your lovely comments. (Because there won’t be WiFi, as far as I’m aware.)

13 thoughts on “The Weaver Family Has Grown! (And Another Announcement)

    1. We go every four years or so because my grandparents and my family from my mom’s side live there. I love seeing my family, but I’m not looking forward to the unending plane ride, the giant bugs, or the heat.

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      1. Agreed. I also love eating tropical fruits out of season. And all my adorable cousins. All my family here in the States are a LOT older than me, so I can’t really connect with them, but my cousins in Bangladesh are roughly my age, so they’re a ton of fun to hang out with. Bugs, though, are terrible. I can’t decide what’s worse, the constant mosquitos, or the occasional monster spider. (I like little spiders, but contrary to my name, even I am terrified of the large ones. They seem like they’d rip your head off and enjoy doing it.)

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  1. W-w-w-w-w-wait just a second! So you’re leaving on the 20th and coming back on the 15th? Are you time traveling or staying there for a full year?
    Or the more plausible option is that you made a mistake.
    I hope you’re time traveling.

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      1. Yep. My cousin’s getting married. I don’t think that’ll take the entire trip, but it’s the reason we’re going.
        I’m not really looking forward to it. The travel time is close the sixty hours and the bugs there are MASSIVE.


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