FINALS!!! (And We’re Reblogging!)

Heyo, peeps!

Due to the impending doom that is finals, our blogging might be a bit more erratic.

So while Spinette and I are gone and doing much less interesting activities, we’re going to turn to reblogging for postings.

During midterms, we reblogged our own older posts, but this time we’re going to reblog posts from other peoples in the blogosphere!

Doesn’t that sound exciting?

So do you want your blog post reblogged on TheWebWeavers? It’s simple, just leave a link in the comments, and bam, new readers! But there’s one condition. (Sorry. I know everyone hates that word.) You have to leave a link to your favorite post from someone else’s blog as well.

7 thoughts on “FINALS!!! (And We’re Reblogging!)

  1. This is awesome!

    So the post I will share from another blog is my friend Kathy from Books and Munches!

    And then the post from my blog Breakeven Books would be this one because I am really ecited about becoming an Indigo Affiliate!

    Thanks for doing this 🙂 Let me know if you want something shared and I will do that for you too.

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  2. Ooh, free advertising. Great, hehe!

    There are a bunch of posts I like, I’ll give you two:
    This is from a guy who writes wonderful poems.
    This is from a guy who translates the Re:Zero web novel, so us English readers can enjoy the wonderful story of Re:Zero!

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