Trying to Dance

So today, I was trying (let me emphasize TRYING) to dance.

It didn’t work.

I tried to dance along to Red Velvet’s song “Look” (which is a Kpop song). I ended up spending 30 minutes on the first 10 SECONDS. I didn’t even get to the lyrics and I still forgot some moves. That was supposed to be an EASY dance. What am I going to do with harder, or even a normal, level dance?

Here is the dance: Look

Despite that, I have made some progress in Kpop dances in the past some of which were much harder. I mastered 15 seconds of Taemin’s Drip Drop, but I quit because of all the physically demanding and mind bending footwork. It took about three hours and now I don’t remember a single move. Talk about a waste of time!

So, why are you trying to do a Kpop dance now, Spinette? You may ask.

Well, I’m really bored and I want to be able to defeat anyone who challenges me to a dance battle one day. I can’t go on only knowing how to do the Backpack kid dance and the broken sprinkler! My name is Spinette, so shouldn’t I be good at spinning and dancing?

Maybe my parents named me that way for irony and I’m actually terrible at all types of dance.


5 thoughts on “Trying to Dance

  1. Don’t worry, dude, it’s alright. I used to do dance classes in school and college and I was a great dancer (not bragging because I saw videos and damn, I was pleased with it) and used to get the moves right.
    Now, while I’m still a good dancer, usually I can’t even remember the first move but… it’s okay!
    Dancing isn’t a competition, we dance because it’s fun! Don’t give up on it, it’s fun when you don’t take it seriously, just relax, and forget about getting the steps correct. And now that I think about it… maybe that’s why I got the moves correct when I was younger… because I didn’t give a crap about getting it correct. I’ve seen some really good dancers who take the steps so seriously that there’s no joy on their face… so, what was the point? If you’ve seen Black Swan as well, you know which dancer had more fun!

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