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Thanks so much to Sophia Ismaa Writes for tagging me! She’s just started a new tag called “5 Things I Like About Myself” where you list five things that you like about yourself. I think it’s just so nice and so positive. I’m going to do this tag soon and I want to spread the love so if you want to be tagged, please comment with a link to your blog on this post.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

A Book That Wasn’t Or Couldn’t Be Better Than The Movie.

I rarely ever watch the movie after reading the book. The only one I can think of is Giver, but I equally despised the book and movie.

So… pass?

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side.

A Rags To Riches Or Riches To Rags Story.

the false prince

The False Prince

I can’t really talk about why this fits into the category without giving away spoilers, but this is one of my favorite books. I love the characters. Everyone, go read it.

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree.

A Parent-Child Relationship That You Love

to kill a mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

Scout and Atticus’s relationship is adorable. I read mostly fantasy, and a lot of those have absent parents, so this was a harder category to choose for.

I could’ve gone with Keeper of the Lost Cities, too, but I felt that the category would be more appreciated if I picked a book you guys have (probably) heard about.

You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

A Great Book That Needs A Better Cover

the pact

The Pact

I’m currently reading this book, and it’s been lovely so far. But seriously, that cover sucks. Just ugh. Look at the color scheme! They do have a different version with a much better cover, so I’m glad they figured out that this one kinda sucks.

You Can’t Please Everyone

A Book You Hate That Everyone Loves

ready player one

Ready Player One

I could’ve gone with Giver, but I also despise Ready Player One. *Shrugs*

Reasons I despise Ready Player One

  • The characters weren’t developed
  • The characters weren’t interesting
  • The main character was insufferable
  • The plot was bland
  • I didn’t get most of the references and it was written like it expected me to
  • The plot
  • Ugh
  • I don’t even like the concept
  • It should’ve gone into more detail about the apocalypse. The beginning where it was described is probably my favorite part.
  • The ending was too neat
  • The characters
  • It wasn’t thrilling
  • I didn’t like the writing style. It was tell, not show. It didn’t go into much depth with the descriptions and it was hard to imagine things properly.

Moving on.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.

What’s A Book That Made You A Better Person For Having Read It.

Let’s make a list!

Love is Blind.

A Book With A Disabled Main Character Or Actual Blind Love

turtles all the way down

Turtles All the Way Down

The main character, Aza, has severe OCD.

It’s a lovely book. I highly recommend it.

Ignorance Is Bliss.

A Book That Is Bad But You Just Don’t Want To Admit It.

king's cage

King’s Cage

This series is so close to me as it was my introduction to the wonderful world of YA. I love Red Queen and it was one of my favorite books, but the series quickly went downhill and it definitely has a lot of flaws. But I’m going to pretend it’s good.

Also, War Storm just came out yesterday! Squeeeee. I apologize for my squealing. Sadly, I won’t be able to read it until June, or maybe even July. *Sobs*

There Is No Time Like The Present.

What Is Your Favorite Contemporary Book?

a list of cages.jpg

A List of Cages

Go read it.

Better Safe Than Sorry.

A Book You Don’t Want To Read In Case It’s Bad.

go set a watchman

Go Set a Watchman

11 thoughts on “The Cliche Book Tag

  1. Oh no, I feel like I’m seeing mixed reviews of Ready Player One everywhere and I can’t decide now if I’m excited to read it.
    Go Set A Watchman is pretty short, you might not love it, you might be outraged, but dammit you will take a lot away from the book to think about. It’s thought-provoking.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, look at RPO on that list! Woohoo! I liked the Giver, but maybe that has something to do with reading it for the first time when I was in 4th grade and it was ‘edgy.’ Maybe I have a bit of nostalgia attached to it. When I read the sequel, Gathering Blue, I thought it wasn’t very good and so stopped The Giver quartet there.

    I’ve heard, but cannot confirm because I haven’t tried the book, that Forrest Gump is way better as a movie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My favorite book in the Giver quartet was the third book, Messenger. I expected to like the Giver because it’s a classic and everyone else raves about it, but I found it boring.
      I haven’t read nor watched Forrest Gump.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Woooow! Ok…where to start….
    Well, first of all, I hate the Giver as well. It was soooo boring, so I totally relate!
    Second, I literally feel the exact opposite of everything you said about Ready Player One. But the movie isn’t very good imo.
    Oh yeah, Keeper of the Lost Cities was my favourite series until I read Throne of Glass (which was the series that got me into YA), and the series is also going downhill hard imo, just like Divergent and Red Queen (I couldn’t even finish the second book!).
    Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I found the Giver dull and I hated the ending. The sequels were better, though.
      I feel like Ready Player One was a good book, but it just didn’t work for me. I have yet to see the movie, but I’m planning to watch it soon.
      YOU’VE READ KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES? YAAAY! Who’s your favorite character? I love Keefe.
      My favorites in the Throne of Glass of series are probably the second and third books. Definitely toward the middle of the series. The latest one’s have gone downhill, but the slope isn’t as steep as that of Red Queen.
      I still have to read Divergent! It’s at the top of my TBR.


      1. I liked Keefe, and I still do, but like……….GAHHHHH! I was really, really, really hyped for Lodestar (spoilers for Lodestar and Nightfall ahead, skip to next paragraph), because the ending of Neverseen was so good, and I totally wanted to see evil Keefe, and that didn’t happen. What I think Shannon Messenger hasn’t been doing right in the recent books is that she’s undoing plot twists. Keefe wasn’t evil, Forkle technically didn’t die… *sigh*.

        I actually haven’t read Tower of Dawn yet, so I don’t know what went on in there, but I really enjoyed the 4th book of the Throne of Glass series.
        Divergent…the first book is pretty good, but the slope is so steep after that it’s basically a cliff.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I started the series right after Lodestar came out, so I thankfully didn’t have to wait between Neverseen and Lodestar.
        I didn’t like how there was that huge cliffhanger at the end of Lodestar and then it was resolved so quickly in Nightfall.
        I can’t wait for Flashback.

        I love it when series keep getting better as they progress, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case with many of the popular ones. Red Queen, The Hunger Games, Divergent…


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