The Early Death of Our Advice Column (And How to Resurrect It)

Hello peeps! It is a sad occasion.

Unfortunately, our advice column, Ask TheWebWeavers, has died before it could grow up. There have been no questions to feed it and it has shriveled up.

Luckily, the corpse is still warm and it can be brought back with a little CPR and some questions.

Will you, dear reader, help save its life?

It only asks for questions. And the questions can be about absolutely anything. The world of curiosity and troubling problems is at your fingertips.

Do you have any questions that need answering? Send them to us through our contact page or in the comments and all your problems will be solved.

Ask TheWebWeavers #1 || The Spider Squisher

Ask The Webweavers #2: Stuck Up Peeps

Ask TheWebWeavers #3 || The Chewer

8 thoughts on “The Early Death of Our Advice Column (And How to Resurrect It)

  1. How do I be more sensitive and considerate? I’m terrible at thinking before acting, and sometimes I also come across as shameless because I hide my embarrassment when I mess up. Please help!

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  2. NOOOO! I refuse to let the advice column die! And if I´m the only one keeping it alive, I´ll do it. Luckily for you – I have MANY MANY questions. Some might be odd but I have faith that you can give the answers. Ready for question #1? What is the name of the spaces in between the bits that stick out on a comb? Been wanting to know that one for years. Good luck. ❤

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  3. Dear WebWeavers, I don’t know what to do! I’ve suddenly become allergic to fluorescent lighting and it is EVERYWHERE! It gives me headaches. It gives me seizures. It makes me want to run screaming into the night to escape it. Please help me find some way to live a normal life but not have to suffer so.

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