My Strange Sense of Humor

It is nearly impossible for me to write or say something without at least a twinge of humor in it, but it is quite possible for this subtle humor to fly over someone’s head due to the strangeness of it [joke]. For this post, in every sentence that I write something funny, I will add “[joke]”, so you can be sure you know when to laugh [joke].

Many of my jokes rely on the fact that they make no sense. For example, “The graduating carrot ate a rutabaga the size of a football field” [joke]. (I am figuratively dying of laughter at my own joke right now [joke].) [joke] (The previous joke was the punctuation if you didn’t catch it [joke].) [joke]

Since most of my jokes are ununderstandable [joke], many people in real life, with the exclusion of Spinette, don’t get it, and therefore, don’t laugh at the proper cues.

On the flip side, I usually don’t comprehend their jokes and I don’t laugh at the appropriate times either.

On the other flip side [joke], sometimes I laugh at unintentional jokes, and in these instances, I am the only one laughing. For example, once, in geometry class long ago, we were reviewing volume. The math teacher related the volume of an object to packing boxes and he mentioned that a one-inch squared packing box would be fairly useless. A kid next to me said that one could ship a sugar cube.

I burst out laughing/snorting. Of course, the rest of the class was dead silent and I think the person who said it was dead serious [joke] because he didn’t laugh either. Not even a chuckle.

I, of course [joke], found this to be the funniest thing ever due to the impracticality of shipping a single sugar cube in a one-inch squared packing box and burst into random fits of giggles for the rest of class.

P.S. Something that I find enormously hilarious is saying “Have fun” when someone says that they have to go to the bathroom. It earns me strange looks, but it is great on my part. It’s even funnier when, due to habit, people say, “I will”.

*Maniacal laughter*

21 thoughts on “My Strange Sense of Humor

  1. There’s a Michael Keaton film where they escape from a loony bin. Someone asks him “So what do you do?”. He replies ” it ki d of depends on the circumstances”. Still laugh at that,randomly about 20 years later.

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  2. i admit not laughing at all the ‘jokes’ above, but i’m also the type who laughs when most people don’t . so i understand what you mean about having a ‘strange sense of humor’. On the upside, believe me when i say that people with a sense of humor see life in a different light.

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    1. I didn’t laugh at all the [jokes] either. Mostly it was internal twinges of humor.
      Having my sense of humor definitely makes general life more entertaining. I’ll be taking a random test or something and either laugh or be amused while everybody else is being serious. Serious is no fun, and I feel like I’m better at things when they’re fun.

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      1. Exactly. My brother once walked up to me when i was lazing on the sofa and said, very seriously, ‘people who laugh alone are crazy people’. It took me a few months to stop bursting out with hilarious laughter every time i remembered it. I still crack a smile when i remember that – and i was just a kid back then. what can i say, , the idea just cracks me up.

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      2. YES! Sometimes I’ll remember some random funny event and start giggling randomly and my mother will tell me I’m being insane.
        Other times people give you weird looks.
        It’s best when they start laughing along, but they have no idea why they’re laughing.

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  3. OMG! I am hurting from laughing so hard! And I thought I was the only one. ❤ I´ve noticed the same. I can´t laugh at other people´s "funny" jokes. I can´t help but always think "who let you through the gates of No-Humor-Ville". And those people also give me that awkward, humorless, pitiful look when I´m rolling on the floor fighting for air because of my AWESOME joke. I TOTALLY GET YOU.
    Watching movies is really tough for because it takes one scene to set my humor alarm off. It can be something completely insignificant like Russell Crowe riding on a horse in that one Robin Hood movie.
    Also, I remember when I was on vacation with my husband… We visited the Vatican museums and I saw a kid in a stroller, with her shoes on her hands instead of her feet. I laughed so hard that husbutt asked if I was okay.He ended up telling me to pull myself together or they´ll kick us both out. All that because I thought the girl was clever for wanting to protect her hands. When the little kid clapped her shoes together I lost it. HAHAHA. That was the best vacation we ever had. Still has me cracking up. The problem with you ( and me ) is the head theater we get in certain situations. Call it having a vivid imagination or having the ability to see more. Who comes up with the idea of shipping a single sugar cube?

    This is why I can´t read erotica or anything that includes a dominant alpha. I read a line like " You don´t have to struggle with 3 jobs to pay college tuition anymore. Just agree to be my submissive and I´ll take over all costs." I IMMEDIATELY think: "Well, if he´s ready to pay for education… would he also be willing to pay for more education? You can never have enough of that, right? And what about shoes? No one can walk into class without shoes. Lots of education = lots of walking = need lots of shoes."

    I LOVED THIS. You have the right kind of humor because it´s the type that makes you laugh. LOL. ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I could be taking a test and I’ll find one of the questions amusing for some reason or the other and I’ll burst out laughing (I’m doing better at laughing inside my head instead of distracting everyone).
      It’s the random thoughts that make one laugh randomly and cause other people to question your sanity. It’s my absolute favorite thing when other people start laughing with me, but they don’t know why they’re laughing. This thought, of course, sets off more laughter on my part.


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