Why The Greatest Showman Is Not The Greatest Show

If you like The Greatest Showman, I suggest that you leave this post. This is a list of all things I despised about the movie.

  1. Flaky plot
  2. Just waiting for the next song
  3. Listening to all the songs and thinking, “That’s a generic pop song.”
  4. How PT Barnum used the weirdos for profit while telling them they would be famous
  6. Glossing over the fact that Barnum probably abused animals
  7. Glossing over the part of movie where the weirdos were abused by people on the street
  8. Glossing over how the Zendaya and Zac Efron fell in love in the first place
  9. Glossing over the personalities of the weirdos
  10. Glossing over the personalities of Barnum’s family
  11. Glossing over Barnum’s actual personality
  13. The opera singer did not sing opera, but a stupid pop ballad thing
  14. Insulting Hannah Montana with “This Is Me.”
  15. Insta Romance with Zac and Zendaya
  16. The argument/agreement song between Zac and Barnum was so bland I forgot it right after it was sung
  17. Most of the songs were so bland I forgot them in the same way
  18. The beginning sounded like something from Fall Out Boy
  19. There was this beautiful scene with Barnum and his family on the roof of their apartment with all these moving sheets and this beautiful night sky but it was wasted on terrible characters and a failure of a plot
  20. How Barnum’s manipulation was seen as good while the ballad singer’s manipulation was seen as bad

17 thoughts on “Why The Greatest Showman Is Not The Greatest Show

  1. Hahahahaha! Hilariously scathing. I was deeply, deeply indifferent to this film. I didn’t hate it, but I cannot understand what all the fuss is about.

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  2. And this is why I´m not going to watch that movie. I had a feeling that all the points you´ve mentioned would pop up. I don´t mind Huge Jackman but… I hate (!!!) too much singing ( it´s like no one can ever take a step without making it a musical moment. On the other hand- Maybe I should try singing violently when I´m at the next parent / teacher meeting. Maybe that´s the way to go these days. LMAO) Insta love… not a fan of that either. I guess I won´t be watching this one anytime soon or in the far future. ❤

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