What’s In My Purse?

I’m not one to flaunt around my femininity, but when I do, it’s with a purse. Some girls don’t like purses, but within my purse, I always have things that I need, such as earbuds for when the insides of my ears get cold, chapstick for glossing my always-dry lips, or spare change for a nice jingling sound at Christmas, only 11 and half months away.

So, what do I have in my purse?

  • My phone
  • My ID
  • Three mechanical pencils
  • Two Chapstick
  • A random highlighter I stole from an office
  • Spare change (eight dollars, six quarters, five dimes and two pennies)
  • A single dream-catcher earring
  • Two pens (one used to write in blue, but it is out of ink)
  • A scrunchie that I never use
  • Earbuds
  • My “bookmark” (basically a hollowed bag of gummies folded hot dog style to serve as a page holder)
  • A purple eraser
  • And a paper for some dentist thing

Honestly, I don’t remember what the paper is for exactly. It’s for the smiles are everywhere program that helps people with no dental insurance. But I have dental insurance…

It was actually for getting the free mints they were serving with the papers.

10 thoughts on “What’s In My Purse?

  1. it has been recently pointed to me that anything larger than an envelope is not a purse, but a handbag. It was actually someone giving feedback to my book excerpt. i mentioned on a paragraph ‘slung my purse on a shoulder and let it dangle on the other side’ and a reader told me that’s not a purse, that’s a handbag.
    so, accepting as i am of criticism, i went to research. so what if i said purse. and yes, this flexibility is actually frowned upon. the links i found on google were actually interesting.

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      1. i think it’ll take me a while to switch. like i read in one post – while i was googling purse/handbags – handbags sound snooty. i do think about pretty woman shopping when i think about handbags.


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