A Rambling

Hello, peoples of the universe!

I’m going to try something new today, always dangerous.

A random word generator on the internet is going to generate a random word for me, and I’m going to keep writing whatever that crosses my mind until it reaches a post-sized blob of words.

And this will give you nonexistent readers a glimpse into my head, always dangerous.

The Word: Cottage

Hmm. The seven dwarves from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves had a cottage. I haven’t read Snow White. Did I capitalize the title properly? Is “the” supposed to be capitalized as well? Oh well. That’s mostly right enough.

What was I supposed to be talking/thinking/writing about? Oh yeah, cottages. I don’t like cottage cheese. Once when I went to Spinette’s house, we had cottage cheese for breakfast. It was lumpy and I didn’t like it. (Apologies, Spinette.) Cheese, in general, is lovely. I like mozzarella the best. Especially in stick form. Not cheese sticks where you peel it and things. The kind where it’s breaded and gooey. Is there a separate word for that or is it also a cheese stick?

Things I don’t like about mozzarella cheese sticks:

  • When the entire cheese part comes out and you have to just eat the breaded part
  • When it burns your tongue
  • When the cheese keeps stretching out and getting longer and longer and then the cheese reaches the length of your arm so you can’t hold it out any farther without asking for help, but that would be disgusting, to have someone else hold your cheese stick. But you have to do something because the cheese is getting lower and lower because of the effects of gravity, and eventually it will hit the table/your clothes/the floor and will be inedible.


They have straw for roofs in books, right? How do they keep water from leaking into the house? And why is it “roofs” and not “rooves”?

The plural of “goose” is “geese”. So following this logic, the plural of “moose” should be “meese”, right? BUT IT’S NOT. This is an atrocity. Personally, I say “meese” (although it doesn’t come up in conversation often) in the hopes of sparking a meese revolution.

Mouse to mice

House to hice

Is “louse” the singular of “lice”?

I probably shouldn’t Google it right now. I’m writing a post.

Google is a verb and a noun and a company.

I have to go do other more boring things. This is post-sized, right? Is it okay if I don’t proof-read? I probably didn’t make any mistakes…


P.S. Does anyone read the tags? Would someone notice if I put something interesting there?

23 thoughts on “A Rambling

  1. this actually sounds like my rambling thoughts – before i type and proofread.
    and i do read the tags when they come after the title or at the end of a post. yours, however, i never have, because for that to happen, i’d have to take my reader through the ‘share’ to wherever it is you have your tags listed… one by one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was weird to type what I was thinking, especially since I think faster than I can type, so some thoughts were left out. And I ended up not proofreading for this one because I didn’t have much time and did it in about ten minutes.
      I’ll save you the trouble of looking through the tags. Most of them were cheese-related and the oddball was “2 lbs. of sugar”.

      Liked by 1 person

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