A Quick Announcement

Guys! We have 100 followers!

*Cue confetti*

We’re probably going to do a celebratory post later, but if you’ve noticed, due to procrastination, we haven’t yet completed the 50 follower Q&A. We’re probably going to extend it for 100 followers, so if you nonexistent guys have any questions for us, now would be the time to ask.

21 thoughts on “A Quick Announcement

    1. What are the questions? It could be a future post! That would be fun. I don’t really watch the Big Bang Theory.
      For the Q&A, we’re taking questions from our readers (on that note, do you have any questions you’re dying to ask us?) and the rest of the questions will be asked by our friend Ned the Narwhal.


      1. Penny and Sheldon did these questions on the show in order to develop a closer bond, I’ve done one on my blog based on it. You can find it online or from a google search even!
        As for my questions: where did ‘arachnid weaver’ originate from? Other than blogging what are your passions and goals in life? I hope that’s okay!

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