When Should You Start Celebrating Christmas?

Christmas should not be celebrated until at least the day after Thanksgiving.

Already, when I go out, I see Christmas decorations everywhere, but only a dusty turkey in the corner to represent Thanksgiving. But, as you probably know, dear nonexistent reader, if you’ve ever interacted with a calendar in your life, that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. But then why are there more Christmas decorations everywhere, even though Thanksgiving has not yet passed?

By acknowledging the existence of Christmas before Thanksgiving, we are throwing Thanksgiving to the side, allowing it to be overshadowed by Christmas.

Now, I have nothing against Christmas, in fact, I adore Christmas. Who wouldn’t love a holiday where a slightly overweight man breaks into your home with absolutely no repercussions? (Make sure none of your possessions go missing after Christmas.)

I just have a problem when people forget Thanksgiving due to their anticipation of Christmas.

You can put up your tree the day after Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t mind, but not before.

Thanksgiving is the ultimate day of optimism when people are forced to think about how lucky they are and it is important enough not to be forgotten.

36 thoughts on “When Should You Start Celebrating Christmas?

  1. Incidentally, I LOVE Christmas but I think it’s fine in December. Decorations look silly earlier. It does make sense to get things in over time, so it does make sense for shops, but they’re the only ones who need it. And not in September.

    Come December I shall be lighting every corner of the world and everything shall smell and taste of cinnamon.

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      1. I was thinking cake, but that doesn’t make a ton of sense.
        I suppose alcohol would be about right, although I don’t like the way it smells. Last year at the party I went to, they shook up champagne and it went everywhere and it smelled horrible and was sticky later.

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      2. Despite being Scottish and in the home of Hogmanay, I don’t really like New Year. I like the whole “it’s a new year” aspect and me and two of my babies were born just after, but the “seeing the year in” is normally a bit meh.

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      3. I agree that it’s not the most amazing holiday (which is Halloween). Usually, the most interesting part is remembering to write 2017 instead of 2016.
        But any holiday is better than an average weekday, usually.
        I do like the party poppers and confetti though. Confetti is like sprinkles for the sky.

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  2. NEVER! Down with Christmas!!!!

    I’m not a Christmas fan at all. (I’ll gladly celebrate Halloween all year round though) I think people should wait until after Thanksgiving to push all the Christmas stuff. It’s so absurd that they start advertising for it in Sept.

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      1. What if they were Halloween lights?
        Our neighbors had orange ones, so I’d consider them Halloween-y enough to be forgivable.
        There was another neighbor who had jack-o-lantern lights that were lovely.


      1. We don’t have s’mores, I’ve never had one in my life. Bonfire night is 5th November and we have fireworks and a big bonfire. It’s to remember thwarting a plot to blow up parliament which we do by burning an effigy of a catholic. Yes, really, he was called Guy Fawkes.

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      2. The recipe I found for tablet calls for 2lbs (900g) of sugar. That a whole sugar package!
        Is this figure accurate, or am I grossly overestimating the amount of sugar required?


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