Mellow Yellow Episode 4: Capri Suns

Quinn: I guess I have to babysit you…

Ara: Yes. But, I’m older than you and better than you and stronger than you! (Sits on Quinn’s head)

Quinn: Ahh! My beautiful, luscious, hair!

Ara: Who’s babysitting now!

Quinn: Actually, I’m still babysitting. (Revealed to be sitting on the Bread Snadwich)

Ara: Oh. Blobfish! I have to alter the universe to get my way now!

Quinn: WHA—? (Trips over shoelaces)


Quinn (thinking): John wasn’t kidding when he said you were a Mary Sue!

White hole opens up, and Kyr comes out with frizzy hair and a bunch of pink hairdryers

Ara is drinking her Capri Sun

Kyr: Where did you get that! (grabs pouch of juice)

Lena comes in from Unicornia early. Let’s just say she’s not a very big fan of chocolate.

Quinn: (Also with a Capri Sun) I can never stick the straws in these things! (violently struggles to put the straw in the hole)

Lena: Hey! Where did— (Brutally stabbed in the heart with a yellow straw)



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