Mellow Yellow Episode 3: Grammar

Lena: I barley get the spotlight.

Kyr: That is improper grammar!

Lena: No it isn’t!

Kyr: Yes, it is!

Lena: I insist. I like various assortments of grains.

Kyr: Face-palm (Face-palm)

Quinn walks into Zhan’s workshop

Quinn: There aren’t any vowels in your name. That is an impossibility. Therefore, you must not exist.

Kyr explodes

~~~~ End

Books and Book Series I Didn’t Finish

This is basically a list of books I hated intensely (unless stated otherwise) because once I start a book or a series, I feel a kind of loyalty to it, so even if I don’t like it, I’ll finish it because otherwise, I feel guilty about it. What if it actually had gotten better?

Books I Didn’t Finish

Dorothy Must Die

  • I got through three pages of this before I put it down. I tried this, I really did. I kept an open mind. I wanted to like this because Spinette got this for me for my birthday, but they just swore excessively and I couldn’t deal with it after three whole pages of words, a good percentage of which were curse words. I ended up returning this and getting Six of Crows instead. Spinette later tried this and got through more of it (I think because of her stubbornness), but she quit after a while too. (An interesting point: I love the Throne of Glass series,  even though it swears quite a bit as well.)

Children of Exile

  • It’s just Margaret Peterson Haddix’s writing style. More on this later.

Series I Didn’t Finish

Whatever After

  • I outgrew this one, but it was good when I was younger.


  • I hated the first two. The world is a lot like the one in Giver. The main characters fell in love so fast! It was unbelievable. I gave the second book a shot because the first one ended on a cliffhanger and I did like the writing style, but it only got worse. I got the third one from the library, but whenever I looked at it, I dreaded actually reading it, so I decided not to.

The Finisher

  • I don’t know why I didn’t finish this one. I actually really liked the first two, a lot. But when I looked at the third book, I just dreaded reading it. I might try it again later. If you’ve read this series, can you tell me if the third one is good?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  • I liked the first ones, but the series got progressively worse and then Double Down happened. I hate Double Down with a fiery passion.


  • Spinette got me this for my birthday last year, and I really liked the first one, the language was just a bit difficult to understand when I read it the first time and it took an absurdly long time to read. I’m going to eventually reread this and the sequel. It’s on my TBR list.


  • I loved this book, it was my favorite for a while. It was more like I didn’t know that it was a series, so when I found out, I had forgotten what exactly had happened in the first book. I’m going to reread this as well, but my TBR list is about a year-and-a-half deep, so…


  • I read this in fifth grade and I liked it. In sixth grade, I was planning to reread it and it and I found out it was a series, but it was in the teen section and it was labeled as a romance and that frightened me.

The Missing

  • I strongly dislike Haddix’s books and I have no idea why I keep reading them. I can’t deal with her writing style and the abrupt endings and there are so many plot holes!

Percy Jackson

  • I read The Lightning Theif. *Shudders* I honestly can’t believe how popular this series is. I’m willing to give this the benefit of the doubt and say that this disbelief may be due the fact that I read it when I was older, but I’ve never read anything so popular and so awful at the same time. It was full of predictability and plot-holes.