I poke Spinette’s body in the side, making sure she is actually asleep in case her chainsaw-snores are actually a ruse. A rare smile blooms over my face as I contemplate the revenge I am about to take.

Spinette has recently dragged me to a party, as she does every so often.

It was not pretty.

I crouch down and let a beautiful spider climb onto my palm. I whisper to it, telling it what I want it to do. The spider descends on a silken thread from my hand to the floor to gather my other friends.

I slip out the front door and head to my house to wait for the scream…

7 thoughts on “Revenge

      1. I was just trying to get you to have some fun! Remember when I pulled up my skirt and all of the guests saw my new illuminati themed underwear?
        Well… it was actually yours, but how bad is a pair of underwear between friends? ❤

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