My Irrational Fears #3

I am very afraid of getting hit by opening doors.

Whenever I walk in hallways, I am always very alert, listening hard for the sound of a turning knob or shuffling feet on the other side of the door.

If a knob ever turns, I flinch away. This has saved me multiple times from potential death-by-door.

Recently, I have been visiting a new facility that has discovered a way to avoid death-by-door. Their doors are all set in alcoves so they wouldn’t hit people in the hallway. The same cannot be said of people in the alcove.

But I still flinch when the knob turns.

5 thoughts on “My Irrational Fears #3

      1. in my home doors remain open at all times – not the outside ones, just internal (and not the bathroom, of course) – to prevent me crashing into a closed door. Not even partially open, it remains all the way open, all the time. cupboards and closet doors on the other hand, stay closed all the time, for the same purpose.

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