The Catastrophe

It has been pointed out to me by Spinette that I’ve never written a post about her, so I will oblige to her request and write a post about her.

Once, a very long time ago, I was a child, and as I was a child, Spinette was a child as well. But when Spinette was a child she had electric cars that would move themselves, not the plastic cars that you had to walk that I had (Spinette is a year or so younger than me).

So we were out riding her super awesome car one day in her neighborhood, having a ton of fun, but we were too close and the car was too small and too slow and I had to get out, so I got out and walked alongside the car on the way back to her house (at that point we were not neighbors).

And then Spinette ran over my foot.

It was a catastrophe.

6 thoughts on “The Catastrophe

      1. Was I with you when that happened?
        I remember one time (it was that larger, cooler car) I almost drove us both into a ditch, but I didn’t.
        I can’t believe we don’t fit in these cars anymore.

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