Strange Things I Used to Collect

Yay! Another list! Don’t judge me.


Strange Things I Used to Collect

  • eraser shavings
  • glitter
    • I kept all my glitter in a little honey pot and it was lovely. But then people put glue in the honey pot and ruined all the glitter and the honey pot and that is one of the many, many reasons I don’t like people.
    • I had various colors of glitter, but for some reason, I mixed them into one glitter and added some other stuff too so it looked like a rainbow threw up.
  • sequins
    • I kept my sequins in the tubes that my glitter originally came in.
  • used pencil lead
    • I wanted to see exactly how much I write. This collection is still being continued.
  • broken crayons
  • crayons shaving
    • I collected many crayon shavings and I melted them all down and made a rainbow candle that looked awesome, but I was too lazy to find an actual wick so I used yarn and that didn’t work so I ended up wasting all the crayon shavings that I had spent more time and energy collecting than I care to remember.
  • colored pencil shavings
    • I thought that if I lit colored pencil shaving on fire the smoke would be colored. It was not.
  • regular pencil shavings
    • I liked lighting these on fire too.
  • colored thread
    • I like colored thread. I went to the store a few months ago and they had a spool of bronze thread, and I wanted it sooo badly. I haven’t wanted anything so badly in recent existence. But, I couldn’t think of any practical applications for the bronze thread (since I don’t sew much) other than the fact that it made me happy, so I didn’t get it and I have regretted it every day since.
  • beads
    • no one was allowed to touch my beads.
    • they were organized very specifically.
    • I didn’t like making necklaces because I didn’t like the way the necklaces looked, but I loved my beads. I stared at them often.
  • cat shirts
  • dried plant pieces
    • I still have a dried five-leaf clover, although one of the leaves has fallen off. It’s still green.
  • the circles that you get after you hole-punch paper
  • used pens
  • fairy statues
  • used staples
  • erasers

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