Spinette Spyder’s Soccer Blog!

Good morning soccer fanatics! Do you want to know how to score a touchdown on the battlefield with a birdie at your feet? Well, today is your lucky day!

The secret to being a pro at soccer is to keep your eye on the birdie. See the birdie. Fly like the birdie. Eat worms like the birdie. Be the birdie. Don’t pay attention to people in front of you, and run all of them over, if that’s what it takes to be the birdie. Stab them with your beak!

The next step to becoming a soccer champ is to never put your hands on the birdie! It’s very impolite to a poor mother birdie if you touch her eggs. Only the man who picks at grass for the whole game– I mean, the guy who protects the throne from players looking to shoot touchdowns can do so. He has a very mellow perspective on nature. Some say he’s a birdie whisperer and is actually a pro if he is not a backstroke.

Now, for the last tip I give for soccer: Don’t say soccer! What’s soccer? I don’t know! The pros don’t even call soccer soccer, since that is just how much they respect the game. You don’t see Ulrich Salchow saying soccer, you see him saying the actual true title that this game deserves! They call it a name so phomenal, that I couldn’t think of saying soccer ever again. It’s called League of Legends or LOL for short.

I hope this helped you become better at LOL!

In a school, high in the mountains, as fresh as I could be I played on a sports team. Can you people guess the color of my gersey? Comment your guesses down below.

The contest ends in five days. Whoever wins gets to choose a topic for me to write about on this blog. It could be about anything, except controversial topics that may hurt the infants.







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