A makeup tutorial from Spinette

Hello! Today we will go over the basics of how to cover up your web blushes! Most people don’t have web blushes because they know how to apply makeup properly, and if you are a lousy bum like me and can’t put on this stuff, this should be very useful.

First, we get the foundation! I like to use a moderate layer of cupcake frosting, since it comes in all different colors and is very diverse. Put it on your face, making sure to cover up everything! If flies and frosting lovers surround you, you are doing very well. Soak up that attention!

The next thing we do is the blush. This is a very very very important part of applying cosmetic appliances. I enjoy using Arachnid’s red stick that she puts on her lips. She honestly has no concept of beauty, since red is used for blushes and she doesn’t even have any! In circles, put it on your cheeks. At this point, your red stick should be only a stub. Don’t hold back!

Now for the lip stick. With the little stub you have from the blush use the last of it on your lips. It should be pink now, since you rubbed it onto the frosting (or some other shade with a touch of red if you are a person of color) This is turn will give a natural look to your lips. Use the whole stub.

Last but not least, the eyeliner! I use a black fine-point Sharpie to do this. The fine point will allow for thin lines and thick lines too. Use it on your eyes and your eyebrows. Make your eyebrows thick and pointy, making sure the eyebrow doesn’t even look like a eyebrow!  It it very unnatural to have eyebrows, since you could look like a certain fourth wall breaking slug.

Most people would stop here, but I go above and beyond and do my hair as well. I usually do messy bun, using a bread bun to measure how high my hair poofs up. On special occasions, I put sugar in my hair, since it makes me look like Elsa and it tastes nice when I get nervous.

For fashion, I usually choose long dramatic blood red capes, short sunny yellow tank tops, and Aladdin size pants. I look good in almost everything, except high heels. I still wear them though, as a weapon for defense, in case Arachnid gets mad at me for using up her red stick.

Yay! Now you can go out and look super duper pretty! People with point at you, laugh with you on the streets, or gaze at you with lovesick side glances.

Have fun with your new look!



I have mixed feelings on sequels. I simultaneously adore them and abhor them.

I love sequels because I love getting to know more about my beloved characters.

I hate sequels because I hate having to wait a year or more inbetween books, wondering what happens every second between books until I can’t concentr— Wait… What was I talking/writing about? (Not to mention cliffhangers! I can assure you, cliffhangers only increase my hatred of sequels, although I love cliffhangers.)

For my favorite series, I sometimes end up checking the latest release date every day of the week after I read it. Most often, my dreams/nightmares are also hounded by the characters. I often imagine throttling the authors because they don’t write faster.

In conclusion, I prefer large books so I can learn a satisfactory amount of my character’s story (yes, I refer to them as “my characters”) and no sequel, so I don’t have to wait. But, imagine the weight of the Harry Potter series as one book, so I suppose an author has to consider practicality when deciding whether or not to have one book or many.