My Pet Cactus

A few weeks ago, I got a pet cactus. It wasn’t my childhood dream to have a lovely pet, but I’ve still always wanted one. The only issue is that I end up neglecting and killing all my pets. To clarify, for the nonexistent readers out there who are animal advocates, all my pets have been plants.

I was nearly ecstatic when I got my new pet because cacti only need to be watered once a month, so even if I neglect it, it should be alright.

I set the cactus in a high windowsill where Nobody would be able to reach it, other than my spiders, of course. (I do not consider my spiders my pets. They are my friends.)

There was even a pretty maroon flower that smelled sweet and opened and closed.

But then, to my utmost horror, I discovered that the flowers had been glued to the cactus.

I pushed my cactus out the window.

11 thoughts on “My Pet Cactus

      1. Incase it hurts someone but it’s not like I’m going to but it in a place where people can touch it 😂 think I might just buy one and bring it home then my wife can’t say anthing 😁

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      2. My cactus hasn’t significantly hurt anyone yet. It’s actually pretty fuzzy. My grandma did prick her finger on it once, but the cactus was more scarred from the incident than my grandma. (Don’t tell anyone, but he has a bald spot from where some of his spines fell off.)

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