Slugventures: The Adventures of a Slug

Hello and good day, dear nonexistent readers.

My good friend, Spinette Spyder, and I, Arachnid Weaver, have published our very first book! It is called, if you haven’t guessed by the title, Slugventures: The Adventures of a Slug.

The book, if you haven’t guessed by the name of the title, about the adventures of a slug. The specific slug that this book is about is named PeeWee, who has a highly annoying personality.

Slugventures is the documentation of PeeWee the slug’s adventures as he attempts to save the unicorn race from exposure.

If you, dear nonexistent reader, are scouring the Earth for more of our witty humor and particular writing style which you have grown to know and love, you do not have to search any further, for we have provided you with what you seek. It is found in the pages of Slugventures, which you will find by following the link following the colon: