The Home Page

This is the homepage. The lovely and beautiful homepage. The homepage is used for many purposes. I just do not know what those purposes are so I will do what I want and you, my delightful nonexistent readers, will deal with it.

I’ve decided that this homepage will serve as an introduction to the rest of the blog. But I do not yet know what will be in the rest of the blog, so forgive me if it is not accurate.

As it has been decided by circumstance that this homepage will not be introduction page, so I will fill this previously white space with the motives of writing this blog.

The ellipsesĀ in the previous paragraph was me thinking. There really is no motive for writing this blog. Why did I do it? Why did I sit down and write these words that you, dear nonexistent reader, are wasting your time reading?

Now, the purpose of this wondrous homepage has become me writing my thoughts. On that note, is the smell of a freshly mown lawn grass blood?

I will continue to fill the white space of this page by writing about myself and Spinette, the (hopefully) co-author of this amazing website.

My name is Arachnid Weaver and I spend my time filling white space with words among other things.

Spinette Spyder spends her time listening to butterflies scream and filling white space with words.

Dear nonexistent reader! I have had a revelation! The purpose of this homepage, and consequently this website, is to fill empty space with words.